Magical Mokkori - Farhad TG

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Type: Magical Transformation
Patreon Tier: Champion
Patreon Published Chapters: 3

Embark on a wildly unconventional journey with ‘Magical Mokkori’, a refreshing twist on the well-loved Magical Girl narrative. This enticing comic will be available free of charge, delivering an exciting new page each Wednesday. For those whose hearts resonate with this unique tale, your gracious support through our Patreon Champion’s Tier will help its vibrant universe continue to expand.

‘Magical Mokkori’ tells the bizarre tale of a licentious old man who, while spying on young girls at an open-air Onsen, is accidentally hit by a fallen Magical Girl Transformation Staff. Through an unforeseen sequence of events, he finds himself becoming Shadow Angel, the illustrious leader of the Angel Magical Girls – the embodiment of his wildest fantasies.

Envision the most roguish, libidinous elder inhabiting a form he could only dream of – therein lies the essence of ‘Magical Mokkori’. This epic tale is rife with sensual moments, thrilling fights, uproarious humor, and a cast of intriguing characters. I’ll lay it out straightaway, our protagonist is not returning to his old self. So if you’re looking for a tale of redemption, this might not be the comic for you. But for those seeking to delve into a world that breaks conventions and pushes boundaries, ‘Magical Mokkori’ is your ultimate comic escapade.