Miss Jalani and Idol of Urugu - Farhad TG

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Type: Bodyswap
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Published Chapters: 3

Venture into the intriguing world of ‘Miss Jalani and the Idol of Yurugu’. This unique tale introduces Elisabeth ‘Liza’ Jalani, a single woman and university Proffessor, and Roger, a 19-year-old computer gamer, whose life orbits around digital escapades. The stage is set for an unexpected adventure when Liza moves into the house next door.

During an intense gaming session, Roger glimpses his new neighbor. But this ordinary day spirals into an unusual twist when an enigmatic totem intervenes, causing a jaw-dropping body swap between the two.

Suddenly, Roger finds himself in Liza’s shoes, quite literally. Recognizing the opportunity, he decides to take full advantage of his new identity, exploring the benefits  that come with being Miss Jalani.

Embark on this dynamic journey with ‘Miss Jalani and the Idol of Yurugu’. Prepare for a narrative showing that once destiny plays its hand, there’s no returning to the old game.