Semeblob Chan - Farhad TG

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Type: Blob, Possession, Bodyswap
Patreon Tier : Champion
Published Chapters: 11  (As of June 2023)

Venture into the offbeat world of ‘Semeblob-chan,’ or affectionately known as ‘Semechan,’ a patron-adored Champion Tier comic that’s setting new milestones in my narative universe. Brace yourself for a story imbued with body-swapping twists that keep even the most seasoned comic book enthusiasts on their toes.

Welcome to Tokyo, our story’s modern-day backdrop, where we meet our unassuming protagonist, Tabiki Kaneko. Carrying a few extra pounds and nurtured on a steady diet of adult entertainment and video games, this N.E.E.T. is about to embark on an otherworldly journey of bizarre adventures.

Unlikely friendships form in the most unusual circumstances, and for Tabiki, it happens when he crosses paths with Semechan, a misfit hellspawn of a demon and a succubus. Banished from the fiery abyss for not living up to his diabolical lineage, Semechan now calls the human world his home. But survival isn’t easy, especially when you’re a young demon whose sustenance depends on the most unorthodox diet – human semen, a dietary necessity until he matures.

Don’t let his lineage fool you – Semechan’s spirit leans more toward benevolence than malevolence. Armed with a peculiar ability to transform human souls into slime and displace them from their bodies, or replace them with other slimes, he presents a quirky play on possession that unfolds in the most captivating of ways.

With an expanding roster of eccentric characters and a storyline designed for longevity, ‘Semechan’ promises a reading experience unlike any other. Are you ready to leap into the extraordinary world of Semechan?